This project is part of the SWATeam Network, the tracker is open to the public to help in sharing any hack/phreak related materials and files, security distro's or any other files or programs that you need too.

We started this project after we noticed that anti-virus companies where spidering our sites and picking up all the zip files we had with exploit packs, port scanners and password dumpers in and decided that our site was riddled with malware and a danger to visit.

So in order to help security researchers everywhere we set up our seedboxes and tracker and gave a nice middle finger to Norton as we continued to share files with those of either coloured hat.

This tracker isnt intended for the sharing of warez or pirated material, there are plenty of other trackers out there for that, our aim is for the hacker / phreaker / underground communities to share there files with like-minded people.

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